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An older event we’ve seldom done…
A battle where the appellation of Jedi or Sith matters not.
Four teams are set upon the field to fight until only one remains!

Also, this will be an abilities event. Anthony has made some tweaks to it to make it a touch more fluid and less confusing. We’ll test the modifications and (hopefully) finalize the rules for this competition variant.

We will hold off for any stragglers as long as we can, but we need to kick off this shindig no later than 7:00 pm!


Plasma Ball – Turret style (skill) 7pm-8pm
Test your ability to dodge or deflect projectiles with your lightsaber as you make a steady approach towards your opponent.
*We will start running this skill challenge as people trickle in.

Escort Mission (strategy) 8pm-10pm
A mission to protect your charge as you take them to a series of checkpoints while being set upon by endless foes.

A Traitor Among Us (Strategy) 10pm-12pm
Two members of your faction possess the key to defeating your enemies. All you need to do is get them to safety on the other side of enemy lines. The problem… An unknown member of your team has another agenda!



The highest scoring eligible participant will be given a set amount to spend on sabers between Ultra Sabers, Saber Forge or TCSS.
All participants will vote for who present they believe is the most improved combatant over the last three months. The winner will receive their choice of a Grab Bag saber from Ultra Sabers (with their choice of blade color fitting with your faction) OR a sound upgrade for a saber they already own. (Nano Biscote sound card, 2 watt Bass or Mini speaker, and 12mm illuminated AV switch)


Please feel free to dress in costume as a photo shoot may happen!