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Only one of you can sabotage your enemy’s efforts to destroy your home, can you fight your way past enemy lines that they may accomplish this objective?

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost of you are familiar with this challenge from the June tournament. For those who aren’t, this is a series of duels between the Jedi and Sith fought on a narrow strip. Mind your opponent and your footing or you may ‘fall’ to your death.

THIS WILL BE OUR FIRST RECRUITED GIG!!!! If we get a big enough crowd we maybe going back again, so invite your friends to come out and have a good time.

Please dress and act accordingly. (Garb if you have it!)

For those that wish, we are meeting up at our usual spot around 8 to carpool to the event location to arrive by 8:30 pm. The challenge will start around 9-9:30pm and will run as many rounds as we can fit before the bar closes.

We are hoping to raise some funds for the group with this. The details how haven’t been figured out… yet. Ideas or suggestions are welcome.

This is a BAR so if you are under 21 you can not go into the bar. We do plan on staying outside most of the time anyway so all are still invited. Please keep in mind that due to the venue,  there are bound to be drunks. We strongly recommend not letting people hold your sabers because there’s a good chance they will be a little to rough with them and may break them. Keep your saber on you at all times or with another group member, please. You are liable for your own saber.

People will be ignorant so just play it cool we don’t need fights. Lets make the group look like the best out there with our attitudes!