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Joining the IL/MO branch of the Lightsaber Fight Club is easy! Please note a few things before continuing.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Owning a lightsaber is not absolutely required, but greatly recommended. The light-sabers used are made for the sort of dueling the group does, and can be pricey. Please keep in mind they may not always be able to borrow. By borrowing one, you must remember that it is someone else’s property.  Small fees may apply due to wear, tear, replacing parts. However, if you are severely negligent, then a you-break-it-you-buy it goes into affect!
  • You must have the proper form filled out before participating in battles.

A copy of the release form can be found here. Also, they will be provided at each event. If you decide to print it at home, please provide TWO signed copies for our records.

To become an official member of the Lightsaber Fight Club, just bring you’re documents (or sign on site) at one of the officially sanctioned events. You may also scan and email the form to



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